Opportunities to learn and grow in Christ.

Learning opportunities available at First Baptist Church of Vacaville.

Education Ministry

We believe that studying the Bible—the active, living, and breathing Word of God—is imperative to Christian living. Our focus is on creating disciples of Christ, equipping people to bear fruit by leading others to a lifelong relationship with Him.

In order to meet your learning needs, we offer a variety of learning opportunities in several diverse formats. Regardless of who you are or where you are in your walk with Jesus, you're sure to find a learning situation that appeals to you.

Sunday School

The following study groups meet every Sunday. We welcome you to stop in and check out any group to see if it's right for you. Unless otherwise noted, Sunday School groups meet in the Jeffries Building (Building 'C') in the classroom indicated.

  • Homebuilders (J101): A deep dive into relevant biblical topics and how we can apply them to our daily lives. Leaders: Gary Cooper, Agnes Wilson, Jeanne Gale, Bruce Calhoon
  • Maranatha (J102): An advanced discussion of theological and biblical topics. Leaders: Doug Hambright, Jay Hughes, Liz Nunley
  • Sisters in Christ (J104): A Bible study built for women and led by women. Leader: Georgiana Maddocks
  • Men Talk (J105): A safe environment for me to study God's Words and discuss topics relevant to men. Leader: Thomas Randell
  • COED Adults (Family Life Center): Vic and Brenda Chiles
  • YOUTH (J201): 7th-12th grade Leaders: Edric and Simone Dennis, Sean Redding
  • 1st-6th grade (J202): Sean Redding